This is my very first photo-hunting session in Lyon (France) : 6 hours walking, 300 shots taken, I'm exhausted  but that was great ! Can't wait for next time.

(I hate winter : since I have no tripod, I have to rush to the spots I want to shoot before the sun sets... Quite the opposite of vampires huu? =)


After discovering the mysteries of white balance last week in Paris, this time I peeked into bracketting... This is just so cool to post-process pictures in Photoshop ! (just see the result for the greenhouse pictures)


He go the pictures :


Starting with the giant greenhouses in le Parc de la Tête d'Or


I really love the Art Nouveau type of architecture, it mixes so well with nature, mainly because it was inspired by it I guess.

Anyway, this yields goregous greenhouses.


It's so hot and wet in some parts of the greenhouse, here is what I got. It makes the picture so smooth! Lovely.


From la Tête d'Or, I went straight to les pentes de la Croix-Rousse but the sun was already low.

(I shouldn't have paused for 2 hours in a café anyway =)


This is the side of a church I like very much because its entrance is 4 meters above the floor and there are no stairs !

Except on its side as you can see. (too many stairs in this damn city anyway!)

Doesn't it remind you of the exorcist some way, huu ?


Here is Fourvières seen from high enough during the way up. It seems like a floating dark castle...


Down the boulevard de la Croix-Rousse, you find this : Hell's Mouth.

Actually, it's an old fort that is now a property of Le Trésor Public (the French institution for taxes) so this is Hell alright !


At the top, here are the colors I could see !

That makes you wonder why people need a TV for...


The entrance of someone's property


A pleasant backyard with a christmas tree.

What is far more unpleasant and that I couldn't render here is some sort of vault entrance in the dark part with the trees.

This needs hell of a lot of further investigation !


A completely fucked up shot of the wonderful stairs I will certainly investigate more deeply next time.

You couldn't tell seeing this but it's about 20 meters high and very very frightening !


Some more stairs... Ready to go down?


Down the Croix-Rousse, now in Saint Paul : the Church




Some examples of what makes Lyon a special place...

(you can actually find that kind of surprise any time : wandering in a place you've never been to before,

 entering some uncommonly open inner yard, etc. )


Here is Saint Jean and its fountain. I love that picture !


The side of the impressively majestic cathedral... These architects were geniuses !


Ending with the alleyway near the Lycée Ampère...

A very nice shot indeed...

I'm quite happy because a girl passed by and threw some unpleasant remark at me like I would need

a tripod or else my picture would be blurry ! Ah ! Tell me so !

Here is the result ! Clean ! No blur ! Muhahahah! (bitch!)