First (almost) publishable shots from my brand new Canon 300D (*luv* *luv* *luv*).

Actually, the absolutely great device is doing all the work by itself for now : I'm so bad at using it... Poor thing.

Let's say the pictures are at the same level as the rest of this ugly website, hahaha. (But I hope I'll soon be a photograph master, it has become such a passion !)




Some stupid -non corporate- things lying on my desktop, at work.

(the hippo makes "pout" when you squeeze it)


A colleague from outer space...


A friend eating choucroute 10 minutes after he woke up (!!!) (No wonder he's a little bit chubby, huhu)


Me as a deer (special feature for Christmas)...


A strange UFO has landed on Paris!!!!



Tibetan furniture showed in a very nice building !


Nice sunset along the Seine...


Notre-Dame (h oui), Cathedral of many wonders.


Paris by (dark) night...





The Pont-Neuf and the Pont des Arts.


The Miyazaki / Moebius Show. Great!


Some original sketches from the master, taken stealthily (shhh!)



This is a hommage to Myiazaki by Giraud for Nausicaa (there is the same from Miyazaki the other way round but it was not as cute)

These guys apparently knew each other for a very very long time !




Mononoke Hime




Huhuhu, I *LOVE* this cat! (from Kiki's Delivery Service)