Winter in Lyon is not funny... Today, I propose a little trip around the city : we will start from the Place des Terreaux (sea level) to end up at Fourvière (high above sea level) (Wouch! My poor legs!).




The St Pierre Palace (where the Museum of Fine Arts is held).








An impressive sky above the Place des Terreaux.

(I'm always disappointed how bad a sky looks when viewed as a picture)

(Perhaps I'm bad at rendering them too...)











La Martinière High School...





Let's take a break at a restaurant : La Nef des Fous (The Fools' Vessel)...

Very good food but in far too small quantities ! I suppose you have to pay for the atmosphere...

The wine is great too, but just look at the prices on the board ! Hum.






Let's go on with our trip : climbing up !

Such a nice house... And the bakery is right downstairs !






The ECAM (Ecole Catholique d'Arts et Métiers)

Woochaaah! I thought the "C" in ECAM stood for "Centrale"... The only fact of having "Catholic" in the name of my school

would certainly discourage me from entering it ! Anyway, no one asked me to, and I would hate being an engineer so the problem is solved... Huhum...

They have a very huge and nice building though... Who said The Church was poor ?











The smurf village... A view from La Villa St Pierre, a four star super posh hotel.

I imagine it's like a normal hotel but you have to pay for the view...












Fourvière, the park...













A lonely Neptune fountain...

I used to try and paint it a lot a few years ago but that's a shame : in winter it's too cold to hold a pencil for more than ten minutes,

 and in summer I don't like the atmosphere for this subject. =)






After all this climbing, let's go back down and have a well deserved hot drink in a café : Chez Mimi, rue St Jean.

And there, I met a good omen (a bit furry though, but very sweet and affectionate).

By the way, it's the fattest cat I've ever seen and it seems quite old already!!! Meaning : being a cat in a restaurant might be a possible way to envision paradise !